Thursday, January 12, 2012

今週引っ越すよ・ Moving This Week!

やっと"Finally". You have no idea how long I've been waiting to move into a place where I can have my workspace in "my own room". Currently my desktop computer is in the living room on a desk that has become somewhat shared space, litered with 90% of everyone else's junk mail, documents, and stuff.

Overcrowded desk space

You may be saying why not just clean it off? Well... that hasn't solved the main problem or any of the other problems with this space.

First of all even when it is "clean" there's not enough real-estate to even comfortably place a notebook to take notes or what have you. This is one reason I don't get too much work done, it's just too much of a hassle.

Second... well now that I think about it; it should be first, but the fact that the desk is in the living room right next to the front door. Not only do you get the noise from the T.V. or other people being in the room, you get the random loud ramblings of the other people in the building "the walls are kind of thin". This makes for a severely unpleasant study/work environment.

I would say the chair is the last problem I have with this space, and It kind of ties in with the whole being in the living room situation. After about 30 minutes sitting in that chair it starts to get really uncomfortable. I've been wanting forever to upgrade to a nice big chair with a headrest so I don't have to strain to sit up strait. Though since its right next to the front door, it would just get in the way.

Since my new room is definitely bigger than my current one, I want to get a nice big L shaped desk.
I really like the contemporary style so I'm probably going to get a desk like this:

Totally can see my self vlogging & whatnot about Japanese stuffs at this desk.

This is not me by the way XP.
A couple months back I decided that I really wanted a dry-erase board. It would be amazing for making Japanese lessons, practicing Kanji or just writing out ideas and notes. After a bit of searching I came across this a peel and stick whiteboard from ThinkGeek.

I thought it was the coolest thing everr, but after reading the comments and seeing that some people have a bit of problems I'm still debating on whether or not to get it. Plus when I was thinking of buying it it the large one shown in the picture was already sold out.

Also it kind of stands out a bit too much for my taste, and if you have a white wall it might blend it too much, causing you to accidentally write on your wall.

And speaking of walls, I recently tried my hand at finding a whiteboard once again. One that fits my rooms color scheme and not stand out too much against my new grey walls. Then I found something, something that stood on par with magnetic paint. You know the kind that gives your wall that ability your refrigerator has, and no I don't mean storing food. I mean the ability to stick random things on it using magnets that you'll probably forget about until you knock 'em over.

I'm talking about IdeaPaint. The magical "not really" paint that can turn your whole wall into a whiteboard "or one of the other colors they have"

What's up with that lamp?
So that's pretty much the two of the first things I want in my room. An awesome desk and a whiteboard of some sort. With these tools at my disposal I hope to create a wave of interesting, informative, and fun content. So, look forward to it! お楽しみに!

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